MoodMaster Services

Our services include everything you need to create a fantastic in-store experience. Our managed media systems create a multi-sensory experience for your customers, and create an ambience that perfectly matches your brand voice.

JukeBook Music System

JukeBook is an integrated music system filled with thousands of tracks your customers will love. We produce personalised playlists that match your brand voice and set the mood.

JukeBook Digital Signage

Creating a digital display has never been easier! Use our digital signage options to stream live events or showcase your products.


Turn up the volume on your brand

MoodMaster has worked with clients across the hospitality, retail, and entertainment industries, and we know that every business needs its own sound. Find out how MoodMaster can tailor our services to fit your voice. We’re audio visual branding experts, ready to give your business a boost in personality.

Hotels & Hospitality

Waiting Rooms

Bars & Restaurants

Shopping & Retail

Restaurants & Cafes

A great dining experience isn’t just about the food on your plate. MoodMaster provides music for restaurants that’s hand-picked to suit the type of client you want. Our digital signs offer welcoming and informative messages, which are particularly useful for showcasing menu options and special deals.

Bars & Nightclubs

Every night in a bar is different, and no-one knows your customers better than you. Our expert music curators craft playlists specifically for your venue, and you’ll have access to over 50,000 tracks across 50 genres through our JukeBook music management system. You’ll be able to play new tracks and cater to your customers in real time.


Hotel music systems are often the difference between a welcoming first impression and an impersonal atmosphere. MoodMaster offer a range of playlists to suit hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants, and any other area you require.


A study by Mindlab International found that music had a positive effect on the speed and accuracy of office workers, with music genre playing a significant role in these improvements. MoodMaster can supply your business with music that enhances workflow and creates an enjoyable work environment.

Salons & Barbers

Background music systems are the perfect way to put clients at ease while having their hair cut and styled. MoodMaster allows you to set the tone with minimal effort and dedicate more of your time to running your business.

Shopping Centres

Digital signage is perfect for large shopping centres, as customers love to use interactive tools to find their favourite shops. Our customisable ads allow you to advertise your shops through audio and visual branding, keeping your customers informed and entertained.


In-store music has been proven to have a substantial effect on customer decisions. For example, one study of supermarket shoppers showed that slow music encouraged shoppers to walk slower and gave them more time to consider additional purchases. If you want to boost sales and earn returning customers, audio branding should be your top priority.

Waiting Rooms

Waiting rooms can feel uncomfortable if the atmosphere isn’t right. Use gentle music to create a soothing atmosphere, and digital signage to give clear, reassuring information. If you don’t have a speaker system, MoodMaster can fit all the hardware you need to create the right ambience for your clients.

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