JukeBook Music System

JukeBook is the best music manager for businesses that want to create an audio brand that resonates with customers. We install JukeBook free of charge, integrating it with your current sound system. Then we work with you to create personalised playlists that your clients will love.

JukeBook is easy to use and has thousands of tracks for you to enjoy, as well as customisable advertising options. We’re offering a FREE 14-day trial to businesses who want to boost sales with audio branding. 

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Why use JukeBook?

The complete music solution for your business

MoodMaster has over 40 years’ experience bringing music to Irish businesses, and we used all the industry knowledge we’ve gathered to create JukeBook. Our system has great features that make audio branding simple and effective.

Unbeatable music selection

  • Your JukeBook comes with over 50,000 audio and 10,000 video tracks across 50 categories. Still can’t find the song you want? Let us know and we’ll add it to your collection!
  • Top up your music selection on Digistore, our online music store. We have over 100,000 tracks to choose from, with unlimited free downloads.
  • Multiple ready-made playlists created by our in-house music profilers to suit your venue.
  • Share your playlists on URDJ, our handy mobile app! Customers can share their favourite songs on social media and let everyone know about your great music. 

Easy to use

  • No set-up required! We’ll install JukeBook free of charge, making sure it’s integrated with your in-house sound system.
  • JukeBook’s built-in content management system (CMS) makes it easy for you to manage your music.
  • Want to control your music on the go? Use our remote management system on any mobile device.
  • Autoplay DJ lets you create the atmosphere you want without needing to choose songs or playlists. Set the mood you want and when you want it; JukeBook will do the rest.

Completely customisable

  • Choose who and what you advertise using Ad Creator, our advertising app. We have a great selection of ad templates that you can customise. Promote your services in between songs or work with partners to earn extra revenue.
  • JukeBook has over 2,000 karaoke tracks, adding a new element to your parties and events with no additional set-up required.
  • Create regular events in your venue with Quiz Master, our built-in programme that gives customers an interactive table quiz experience. No need to research questions or hire a host, Quiz Master can handle the entire event.
  • Create a ticker tape feed that keeps your customers up to date with news, sports, or your latest deals. Update your feed in real time or let JukeBook show the biggest headlines.


Welcome to JukeBook


Music Page


Autoplay automatically allows you to play a selection of music based on any criteria you choose (eg tempo, category, year etc.)


Open Play List. Create your own playlist or choose from one of MoodMaster’s pre-made selections.

Radio Stations

Chose from premade custom radio stations.


Modify ticker speed, font type, size and colour.


Digistore. You can order music from our online digistore in minutes.

Table Quizzes

Table Quizzes. Easily create a quiz night to turn a quiet night into a busy one.


Create advertisement with your own choice. You can add animations, videos, images, ticker messages and many more.


The best in audio branding

MoodMaster offers the best in audio branding, and JukeBook is the tool we use to make it all happen. Our experts will collaborate with you to craft a sound that perfectly encapsulates the environment you want in your business. We’ll supply you with a series of playlists that you can use according to the time of day and tone you wish to set. You’ll also have access to our extensive music library, containing more than 50,000 tracks across 50 genres.

Audio branding is a crucial step in defining your company’s personality, and JukeBook takes the stress out of creating the right image. You won’t need to choose what music to play or how to create the perfect ambience – JukeBook takes care of it all.


What our clients say about JukeBook:

Paul Dromgoole

We love Jukebook because it shows our customers what deals we have and fits in well with our sleek, stylish look. We also use JukeBook for background music and it creates the perfect atmosphere for our clients.

Owner, Zeba Hairdressing, Dublin

Vivian O’Connor

The Jukebook system keeps our venue going from 10am to 2am in the morning. Easy to use and with 24 hour support, 7 days a week, the jukebook has never let us down.

 Manager Judge Roy Beans, Portlaoise

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