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Digital signage is the best way to catch the eye of a potential customer and draw them in. At MoodMaster, we’ve developed Jukebook to give you powerful digital displays that you can customise according to your business needs. Show advertisements, information, and events with video streaming capability and thousands of customisable templates.

Digital Signage

What does Jukebook mean for you?

When it comes to digital signage, you need a system that’s versatile. Why limit yourself to images or videos when Jukebook can do both? Use our digital signs to entertain and inform with whatever content fits your brand best. Jukebook is a great opportunity to add a digital element to your brand, something that can’t be overlooked these days.

Digital Signs

Reach your clients in a new way

Jukebook offers revolutionary advertising solutions, but it also does more than that. Our digital signs allow you to communicate with your customers in ways that previously weren’t possible. Create ads and videos that authentically represent your brand and let your customers know what you have to offer. Showcase your great deals or create events around streaming content like sports events and big TV shows. Jukebook opens up a world of opportunities for your brand, and your customers will love the new ways they can enjoy your services.


The benefits of Moodmaster

digital signs

Catch visitors attention the second they walk into your business.

Live events, as they happen

  • Create events in your venue with live screenings of matches and big TV shows. You can decide what to show and when to show it.
  • Give updates in real time with news headlines, sports scores, and any other information your customers need.
  • Our digital displays can be installed inside or outside, so no-one needs to miss those crucial moments. Perfect for outdoor seating and smoking areas.

Powerful advertisements

  • Let customers know about upcoming sales or current discounts with mesmerising signs throughout your premises.
  • Jukebook screens can be installed anywhere you want! Entice new customers with window displays and front door signs they can’t resist.
  • You can use videos, images, or a combination to create dazzling ads your customers will love. We have thousands of customisable ad templates that you can use to tell your brand’s story.

Simple interface, amazing results

  • When you sign up for Jukebook, we’ll visit your premises and install everything you need. We can work with your existing in-house systems or provide whatever hardware and software you need.
  • Our CMS (content management system) is easy to use and can be controlled from your venue or through our mobile app. No matter where you are, you’ll be able to adjust your digital signs at any time.
  • We have thousands of customisable ad templates, so you can create professional-looking ads with just a few clicks.

Here’s what our clients think:

Ray Aughey

We run a bar and restaurant, two places with very different vibes. JukeBook is great because we can play music and show digital signs and ads that suits the mood in each spot with no hassle. Easy to use and great results!

Owner, Squealing Pig, Monaghan

Paul Hayes

MoodMaster has been a wonderful resource to us at Ramen. JukeBook plays music that our customers love and their Jukebook digital signs are ideal for showing what we have on offer.

Owner, Ramen, Cork

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