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Autoplay automatically allows you to play a selection of music based on any criteria you choose (eg tempo, category, year etc.)


Open Play List. Create your own playlist or choose from one of MoodMaster’s pre-made selections.

Radio Stations

Chose from premade custom radio stations.


Modify ticker speed, font type, size and colour.


Digistore. You can order music from our online digistore in minutes.

Table Quizzes

Table Quizzes. Easily create a quiz night to turn a quiet night into a busy one.


Create advertisement with your own choice. You can add animations, videos, images, ticker messages and many more.

About Us

Creating the right mood can be difficult. It isn’t just the products you provide or the name on your sign; it’s a combination of every experience the customer has. At MoodMaster, we have over 40 years’ experience helping Irish businesses to craft the perfect mood through music systems. Whether you own a shop or a salon, a pub or a restaurant, we can help you to curate a space your customers won’t want to leave.

But how do we do it? MoodMaster offers Sensory Branding solutions that focus on your customers’ senses. We use background music systems and digital signage to entertain and inform, providing it all in an easy-to-use system that gives you total control. We design every system individually according to your business needs, so you have a selection of audio and video tracks that fit your brand voice.

JukeBook Music System

JukeBook is a world of entertainment at your fingertips! Complete with over 50,000 tracks and specially curated playlists, it has everything you need to keep your customers entertained.

JukeBook Digital Signage

Whether you want to show the match scores or let your customers know about a special deal, JukeBook is an integrated digital signage solution that offers image and video options.

Creating the perfect customer experience

Everything a business does is to create an ideal customer experience. MoodMaster’s audio and visual branding solutions mean you can set the tone of your business and provide your customers with messaging they’ll appreciate and enjoy. Our systems are designed to give you a smooth, effortless experience that creates the perfect mood for your venue.

We work with you to learn exactly what your business represents to your customers, and how you want them to feel. We’ll use that knowledge to create the perfect playlist for your space, even adjusting for different times of the day and week. We can integrate our system with any existing infrastructure you have, and provide hardware if you need it. Our content can be personalised however you want, so tell us if something can be better. Our aim is to help you attract the clientele you want, and keep them coming back for more.

Sound like something you want for your business? Click the button below to find out more about our free 14-day trial and what MoodMaster can do for you!

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